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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chances of Friendship!

This is the first song I made year 1994, dedicated to my  friends...

I. Each of the people in this world
Was given a chance to have a friend
A friend which will be with you
A friend which will be at you
Together, forever.

II. I found myself where someone I can turn to
And God gave you to me someone I can trust to
To be there in trials and blessings
To be called my lover and friend
Forever, together


A friend will always love you
Inspite of who you are he will care for you
In happiness and sadness he'll be near always
Forgive the wrongs, erase the scars
Building each other's up
Not to be shaken, not to be shaken of the storm.

Repeat II stanza


Hey! are you willing to be my friend
I you do, if you do
You'll be somebody to me

I'm hoping top have some friends here in blogger's world!!