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God's love is that He died on the cross for us! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


November 1999 was the 50th year celebration of Free Methodist Church in the Philippines. Before coming to the venue at 2:00 A.M. that day. This is the song my heart sings praising God for the Jubilee He gave to my church in the Philippines. To date, this song also became the theme song of the Philippine General Conference last August 2009. But changing the word jubilee to something else.

Go make known to people everywhere
God call to wholeness through forgiveness
And holiness in Jesus Christ
Those who respond in faith.

Let us lift our hands to praise Him
We will shout aloud His praise
We will celebrate His goodness
The jubilee of His faithfulness

Now is the time that our hearts must come together
Declaring God's favor that reign
Reigning in our churches, reigning in the Philippines
His mercy and grace forever be praised.

Thanks for the song...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Year 2004 when we decided to live in the City and work with street children, bringing the school to the street. Zion Dell my eldest son was six years old then. While walking back home at midnight we passed by  Jollibee, a 24 hours fastfood, he asked to go inside because he wanted to eat coz' he was hungry. I told him that we only have P2.50 and  not enough for what he wanted. So we bought a stick of pork barbeque instead. When we got home I heard him singing a song that is not familiar to me. I rushed writing them down the words of his song that says...

Don't worry, my heart don't worry
Good heart is a happy heart
Only Jesus can make it happy
Don't worry my heart.

My heart don't worry
God is good
Just pray to Jesus
He hears you
I love you God
You love me so

I love my God
|He loves me so, I do.

This song keep us more trusting to our God. Only Jesus can make this heart happy even in times of need. After three days from the day Zion Dell sang this song, a sealed card was given to us. Along with that card was a cash gift of 300$. Isn't wonderful to have a happy heart at all times? A good heart is a happy heart.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chances of Friendship!

This is the first song I made year 1994, dedicated to my  friends...

I. Each of the people in this world
Was given a chance to have a friend
A friend which will be with you
A friend which will be at you
Together, forever.

II. I found myself where someone I can turn to
And God gave you to me someone I can trust to
To be there in trials and blessings
To be called my lover and friend
Forever, together


A friend will always love you
Inspite of who you are he will care for you
In happiness and sadness he'll be near always
Forgive the wrongs, erase the scars
Building each other's up
Not to be shaken, not to be shaken of the storm.

Repeat II stanza


Hey! are you willing to be my friend
I you do, if you do
You'll be somebody to me

I'm hoping top have some friends here in blogger's world!!